Goose login service


For SRCF users

You will generally use Goose to log into SRCF online services, such as:

For web app developers

You can use Goose to authenticate against the SRCF user database.

Goose uses the Ucam-WebAuth protocol (sometimes called the 'WAA2WLS' protocol).

This is also used by the University of Cambridge Raven service, and software/libraries compatible with Raven's Ucam-WebAuth implementation, such as mod_ucam_webauth, should be compatible with Goose. You can read more about these on the Raven project pages.

Technical details

Auth service URL
Logout URL
Protocol versions supported
up to V4.1 (incorporating protocol ver up to 3)
ptags supplied
none (Raven can supply "current" for protocol ver 3+)
RSA public signing key
For now, available on request: talk to the system administrators.